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Engage : Dynamic Ways of Connecting

Part 1 in the Active Engagement course series, developed in partnership with the Canadian Career Development Foundation through their VOCO learning platform.

Gain a deeper understanding of the career development process and explore creative approaches to career conversations through the Engage: Dynamic ways of Connecting course.
Creatively combining ideas from Dr. Norm Amundson’s award-winning career development book Active Engagement, Anniversary Edition (2018) and Andrea Fruhling’s creative career coaching strategies, you will gain a foundational understanding of career development woven together with the opportunity to ask “what else”, push boundaries, and amplify the work you are already doing.
Progress through this series of webinars, real life career conversation demonstrations, readings and assignments at your own pace, with opportunities to pause, practice and reflect on learnings as progress is made.

Join us on this journey and ENGAGE with clients in new, more impactful ways. Discover the joy of the work, for them and for you.

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Your hosts

Doubleknot consulting partner Dr. Norman E. Amundson

Dr. Norman E. Amundson, Ph.D.

Dr. Amundson is a professor emeritus from the University of British Columbia who has over 40 years of experience working in the career development field. He has published many books and articles, including Guiding Circles, Physics of Living and Hope-Filled Engagement. Most recently, an anniversary edition of his nationally award winning book “Active Engagement” was released. In his work he emphasizes the importance of creativity, imagination, storytelling, dynamic action, metaphors, and hope. Dr. Amundson has presented his work at national and international conferences in more than 30 countries. His workshops and presentations are practical, engaging, and interactive.

Doubleknot founding partner Andrea Fruhling

Andrea Fruhling, COC, PCC, BFA

Andrea is a skilled facilitator, creative career coach, and organizational consultant. She enjoys helping career development professionals, coaches, and organizations develop more impactful ways of working with clients and strengthening the work they do as a team. A Certified Organizational Coach (University of British Columbia) with a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation through the International Coaching Federation, she also holds a degree in fine arts from the Emily Carr University of Art + Design. With 20 years of career development and team leadership experience, her work is interactive and relevant, with a focus on creativity, hope, active strengths-based learning, and team engagement. Andrea is a guest instructor and mentor coach at the University of British Columbia and also an instructional designer and facilitator for the Active Engagement course series delivered in partnership with Dr. Norm Amundson and the Canadian Career Development Foundation.

Topic summaries


An introduction to the Engage course, the instructors and topics covered.


Understand the impact of mattering as it relates to the client, the practitioner and the organization. Discover the value of expressing mattering well. Spend time reflecting and evaluating the ways you and your organization express mattering well, and considering what else could be done through personal reflection, questionnaires and worksheets.


Discover how maps and mapping techniques can support career-focused conversations. View a career conversation demonstration using mapping as a way to gain understanding.

Establishing the Relationship

Build greater mutual trust and understanding within the client/practitioner relationship. Learn about coaching techniques to define a topic and clarify constraints. Watch a demonstration of the Favourite Things exercise to learn how it might be used in career conversations.

Paradoxical Perspectives

Learn about career theories (planned happenstance, positive uncertainty, chaos theory) that point to the importance of ambivalence and the value of holding paradox with an open hand.

Developing Awareness

Develop a deeper sense of self as practitioner, and improve skills to externalize problems with clients to gain perspective. Watch a demonstration of the Walking the Room exercise as a way to help clients gain perspective and insight.

Task Analysis

Learn to use specific techniques such as task analysis and graphing to better understand and explore client experiences, circumstances and balance points. Watch a career conversation demonstration using task analysis as a career intervention.

Lines of Questioning

Explore several approaches and lines of questioning as a way to support client learning and development. Learn how to ask effective, open-ended questions, considering the quality and impact of the questions being brought in to career development sessions.

Significant Others

Understand how to take a client-focused systems approach to career development, identifying circles of influence and inviting clients’ significant others into the conversation. Complete the Individual Style Survey and learn how to effectively use this 360 Assessment.

Finishing Well

Consider new ways of approaching action planning and finishing well. Explore the connection between the concept of mattering and case notes. Learn coaching techniques and the value of the bookends metaphor and how to finish well.


Upon passing become ‘Engage’ Certified, level 1 of the Active Engagement Certification Program.
Concluding remarks and looking ahead to future possibilities.

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